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Below is our Rental Agreement. This applies to all rental items booked through The Clothing Library website unless otherwise specified.

The majority of items available for rent through The Clothing Library are provided and fulfilled by one of our rental partners. Our rental partners are clothing resellers and thrift stores located in your local city.

In some cases, the rental partner will have specific terms that add to what is described below. These terms are displayed when viewing any item on our website, as well as on our Bag and Checkout pages. You will always be asked to read and accept these before proceeding through to Checkout.


By placing an order on The Clothing Library website that contains any items that are for rent, you are entering a legally binding contract between yourself and The Clothing Library, LLC.


By entering this agreement, you authorize The Clothing Library to charge the selected payment method according to the terms outlined in this agreement. You certify that you are authorized to use this credit card/account and you agree not to dispute the payment with your provider if The Clothing Library fulfills its responsibilities in providing the rental item(s).

You also authorize The Clothing Library to charge the supplied payment method for any additional fees as outlined in this agreement (such as damages or late return fees). Minor damages to items are covered by the plan, but beyond that, it is your responsibility to pay the full cost of the item. If a charge against the supplied payment method cannot be made, we will provide you with an invoice for the fees which you agree to pay within five working days.

If for some reason, your payment for an order is reversed or rejected, you agree to pay the outstanding amount within 48 hours of demand. Failure to do this will result in immediate cancellation of the booking. If the item(s) have already been dispatched you will still be liable for the full amount.

The Clothing Library reserves the right to take all steps necessary to recoup any amounts owing as per this agreement, including the use of debt collection agencies and taking legal action. This may increase the amount owed by the customer, to cover the costs of these services.


In some cases, after you've placed an order via our website, you may be asked for a passport, driver's license or other forms of identification. If this isn't provided, The Clothing Library reserves the right to refuse the booking.


At all times, the rental items are and remain the property of the rental partner. The rental partner (or The Clothing Library on their behalf) reserves the right to retrieve the item at any time. No modifications or alterations can be made to items without the explicit approval of The Clothing Library. Violation of this will result in you paying the full cost of the item. 


For most items in The Clothing Library, you are asked to select a "Delivery Date". You should select a Delivery Date which is one or two days before the day you intend to wear the item(s).

In the majority of cases, your item(s) will arrive on or before your Delivery Date (sometimes referred to as the "Arrives by" date). Due to unforeseen circumstances, it may arrive one or two days later.

No refund or credit will be offered in this instance unless the item arrives too late for you to wear for your planned event. 

You may request that an item be left in a safe place without signature on delivery, but the default is to require a signature. 


If you open your delivered parcel to find that you have been sent the incorrect item, please let us know immediately. If there's enough time, we will do our best to get you a replacement so you still have something to wear.

If you find that the item is correct, but has other issues (e.g. damage, faults or noticeable stains), please let us know within 24 hours of receiving the item. If you don't let us know within this timeframe, we reserve the right to refuse a refund as it will not be clear when the damage was caused or by who. You should do this even if you believe you will still wear the item, as you may be offered a discount. More importantly, it will mean you won't be blamed for the damage or charged damage fees.

You acknowledge that the items being sent to you are not brand new and may have some signs of wear & tear. A refund may not be granted if the issue is considered minor or insignificant.


We try to provide as much information as we can regarding the fit of the items available for hire on our website. We take no responsibility if you choose a size or item which does not fit you or does not suit you. If in doubt, please get in touch!


Cancellations are allowed in the first 24 hours after an order was first placed on The Clothing Library, unless the item(s) have already been dispatched to you, or unless the cancellation request was received less than 72 hours prior to your booking start date. You will be eligible for full refund.

Cancellations are also allowed if a cancellation request is received 3 or more days prior to your booking start date. In these cases, you will be given a full refund equal to the amount paid for the booking and postage costs.


The Clothing Library or the rental partner providing the item may cancel your booking, for any reason. The compensation to you will be limited to the amount you paid to The Clothing Library for the booking. The Clothing Library will not be responsible for any consequential damages that result from cancellation of the booking.

Reasons The Clothing Library may cancel your booking include, but are not limited to:

The item is damaged by a customer that has rented the item prior to you.

The item is lost or stolen by a customer that rented the item prior to you.

It is deemed that it is not possible to deliver the item to you in time for your booking, due to previous late return by a customer, or for any other reason.

In all cases above, you will be entitled to a full refund.


All items rented via The Clothing Library will be delivered with a reusable garment bag. If you don't receive this, please let us know ASAP.

Items should be returned by placing them outside for the courriour to retrieve. Please put it in a safe place and leave instructions for your courrier, if necessary. If the courrier cannot find the package, it will count as though the item is not returned. If for any reason, you cannot return the item on the designated date, please let us know ASAP. 


We know small accidents happen, and all clothes are cleaned when they are returned after your rental. There will be no fees charged as long as stains can be removed.

If you attempt to clean a garment and cause damage, or cause a stain to be permanent, The Clothing Library reserves the right to bill you a fee up to the market value of the garment. This fee will be on top of any amount already paid for rental.


If  damage (stains, rips, etc) is observed when your garment arrives, please take photos of this and let us know right away. If you don't do this and there was no known damage prior to delivery, it may be assumed that the damage was caused by you.

If you damage a rental item, do not attempt to repair it. If it can be easily repaired (e.g. sewing on a button, re-stitching) it will be taken care of with no additional cost to you. It's also not a problem if the garment is stained, as long as it comes out when it is cleaned after you've returned the garment.

You agree that under no circumstances will you attempt to repair the rental item(s) yourself, or have them repaired by anyone else. Do not cut, alter, iron or hem tape any item booked via The Clothing Library.

If an item is damaged and is not covered by minor repairs as mentioned above, you will be liable for the cost of restoring or replacing the garment. In the case the garment cannot be restored to a suitable condition, the fee charged may be up to the full market value of the garment. This fee will be on top of any amount already paid for rental and the item will still need to be returned, regardless of the amount of damage.

If you've lost or not returned an item, you will continue to be charge for yur membership until the item is returned or the market value has been paid to The Clothing Library.

By accepting this agreement, you give permission for The Clothing Library to charge fees for damages or loss of an item to the payment method you used when placing your order. You will be given the option of using an alternative payment method before the charge is made.


If you are not able to return the item on the day it is due (or you would like to extend your time with the item), please let us know ASAP. Rental periods are pre-determined and a late return may affect another customer’s experience. If the item is returned late without prior approval a late fee of $25 for each day late will be charge to you. 

By accepting this agreement, you give permission for The Clothing Library to charge late fees to the payment method you used when placing your order. You will be given the option of using an alternative payment method before the charge is made.


By accepting the rental agreement, you agree that The Clothing Library and its' rental partners will not be liable for any loss, damage, costs or expenses of an indirect or consequential nature incurred or suffered by you as a result of:

Cancellation of a rental booking

Late delivery of a rental item

Non-delivery of a rental item

An issue with the quality of a delivered rental item

This includes but is not limited to economic loss, loss of goodwill, emotional suffering, loss of opportunity or other loss of turnover, profits or business.

The Clothing Library's liability will be limited to any amount paid by the customer to The Clothing Library.


For the purposes of this agreement, a refund for an order is defined as returning back to you the initial form of payment used to place that order. If you paid for the order by credit/debit card, the funds will be returned to that card. 


The Clothing Library reserves the right to change the Rental Agreement and/or rental partners' terms at any time, so it is important you review and accept them each time you place an order with The Clothing Library.

The terms that apply to an order will be in accordance with the Rental Agreement and rental partner's terms as they stood on the date the order was placed.