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Receive new orders as often as you want! Select a plan based on how many items you want per order. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan anytime. Unlike your last relationship, no commitment required!

Membership Plans

 Plan Name Price Items At A Time Swaps Delivery & Laundry Purchase Discount
A- List $34.99/month 1 Unlimited Free 20-50%
Premium $64.99/month 3 Unlimited Free 20-50%
Deluxe $89.99/month 5 Unlimited Free 20-50%


How It Works

  1. Choose your plan: This will determine how many items you can have at a time.
  2. Select your items: Choose your favorites, add them to cart and check out.
  3. Return on your selected return date: Pack up the items in your reusable satchel and set them outside for the delivery person. 
  4. Repeat: Swap as often or as little as you please. You are in control of your closet!


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